Martial Heroes 1.0

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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Learn martial arts in this fabulous role-playing game inspired by oriental lands.

Martial Heroes is an on-line RPG, different to what you are used to, as in this case it is inspired by the oriental world.

For many years the world has seen battle between various main forces. To maintain a balance the main classes of each faction continuously fight on the battlefield. Martial Heroes gives you the chance to fight in one of these bands, with the aim of re-establishing the karma.

To be in one band or another, first you must solve a series of missions to see which is best suited to you. Choose the class more adapted to your fighting style, among a warrior, monk, assassin or wizard. Each one has their own characteristics, tactics and martial arts. And of course, Martial Heroes lacks nothing, as a good RPG should do - other fighters, bargaining, new skills to learn, and the chance to find new weapons and armour.


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